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Central Lincoln County Adult Education

Business & Skills Training

Writing News and Press Releases (April)


with William A. Draves

Calendar Apr 5, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

Being able to write a good news story, press release or publicity notice is a skill that can set you apart in the workplace. Getting the word out is an essential activity for every organization. Acquire the skills good journalists have and learn how to craft a news story, press release or publicity notice that will get attention.

William A. Draves is one of the foremost authorities in the world on teaching online. More than 6,000 faculty and teachers have taken this course. He did his graduate work in education, with an emphasis on adult education, from George Washington University in Washington DC.

Draves has taught for over thirty years, including teaching at the graduate level. His books include “How to Teach Adults,” the most popular book ever written on the subject, “Energizing the Learning Environment,” and “Advanced Teaching Online,” which is used as the text book for this course.

Boosting Your Website Traffic (May)


with Dan Belhassen / Susan Hurrell

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

Acquire the basic skills to boost your web site traffic, including how to analyze your visitor traffic, how to use search engine optimization to get greater visibility and exposure in Google searches, and how to redesign your web site copy to increase your visitors and results.

No experience necessary, but if you are at an advanced level, your instructor is an SEO expert and can answer your toughest questions as well.

Dan Belhassen is an expert in eMarketing. He does writing, training, and consulting all over North America on the topic. He is founder of Modern Earth. Modern Earth does a range of eMarketing for its clients, including email promotions, web site development, search engine optimization, and online advertising.

Susan Hurrell is an Online Marketing specialist with Modern Earth, Winnipeg. PPC or Facebook ads, search engine optimization and dynamic sell-copy creation are her specialities to help websites deliver measurable results in viewer conversion, and increase traffic driven by online marketing initiatives.


Cash is King (May)


with Jodie Trana

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

Cash is arguably the most important factor in business success. D&B reports 90% of all small business failures are due to poor cash flow—more money gets paid out than collected. It is the non-financial manager who really makes a difference in the day-to-day cash activities. Discover how to maximize cash flow, learn the importance of cash and find out your role in cash flow success.

Jodie Trana has had a career in business consulting and financial management. She then started a consulting and training organization offering educational consulting services to organizations such as the Kauffman Foundation. Her background includes business and financial management in consulting, construction, non-profit, healthcare, and retail industries.

Effective Copywriting (May)
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Effective Copywriting (May)


with Kathryn Lynch-Morin

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

Whether you are sending out a press release, communicating internally with a memo or promoting your own skills on LinkedIn, strong writing skills are the key to success. Come away with the tools and techniques you need to improve your copywriting skills and learn how to avoid the common writing mistakes that can hold you back.

Kathryn Lynch-Morin is a professional writer, editor and content curator. She specializes in social media, content creation and inbound marketing as project coordinator for a national organization. She also spent five years working for, where she won a number of awards for her writing and reporting. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism.

General Ledger and Month End Procedures (May)


with Sharon deFonteny

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

In this course, you will learn how to post journal entries to the correct general ledger accounts impacted by each transaction. This course will show you how to make sure your general ledger balances at the end of each month by preparing an unadjusted trial balance. You will learn how to look for errors when you don’t balance, and how to determine to correct entries. After posting correcting entries and/or adjusting entries, you will verify debits and credits equal with an adjusted trial balance. This course also goes through the steps of performing monthly bank reconciliations.

Sharon deFonteny has a degree in Business Education with a concentration in Accounting and spent many years in corporate America working in accounting and finance. For the past 5 years, she has created and taught online business courses. Her experience in business, as well as experience in teaching, has allowed her to help people understand the accounting and finance process.

HTML Fundamentals (May)


with Andy Helmi

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

This course covers all the basics of HTML coding language. You will learn building simple web pages by hand coding, using HTML tags to create paragraphs, heading, lists, links, insert images and tables and more. We also cover creating a simple multi-page website with images, text and a navigation bar.

Andy Helmi is a graphic and website designer, technical consultant and an online marketing specialist. His education background includes over ten years of academic training in electronic/computer engineering, graphic and web design, music and digital photography. Andy’s professional experience in digital media started in 1996.

Intermediate Data Analysis (May)


with Mary Dereshiwsky

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

Many of your business decisions involve comparing groups for differences. For example, would men and women prefer different product features? In addition, you may look at relationships between variables. Does product recognition relate to subsequent product purchase? This course will introduce you to the statistics behind these group differences and relationships. In addition, you’ll learn how to work with ratings, graphs and user-friendly reports of statistical results.

Mary Dereshiwsky is an expert in online teaching and creator of the online teaching technique “continuous engagement.” She has taught other instructors how to teach online for more than five years. She critiques online courses for other instructors and is Chair of the Advisory Board for the Certified Online Instructor (COI) designation for the Learning Resources Network.

Intermediate Power PI (May)


with Marion Williams

Calendar May 3, 2021 , runs for 4 weeks

Delve further into Power Query to ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) your data. Build the Data Model using modeling features and relationships. Perform calculations using DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) functions. Utilize Time Intelligence functions to view YoY or YTD reports. Add user friendly features to enhance your reports.

With over 20 years of IT and training experience, Marion Williams has been responsible for designing custom solutions using Access and Excel/VBA. As a trainer, Marion has delivered over 200 seminars to CPA associations. As technology evolved, Marion currently uses her skills to specialize in training Power BI – a tool used for business intelligence.

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